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Mission Statement

The Capital Finance unit is responsible for USC system-wide bond instruments and indebtedness and capital project financing information and analysis.

Manages the bond indebtedness program of the University of South Carolina System including State Institution Bonds, Revenue Bonds, Athletic Revenue Bonds and installment notes. Acquires capital funding required to complete capital projects approved by the Board of Trustees.

Prepares and submits the University’s annual Capital Budget Document and annual Bond Indebtedness Report, along with providing periodic information to rating agencies and other interested parties.

Assists in obtaining approval of capital projects and related funding to include approvals of USC Board of Trustees, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, Joint Bond Review Committee, and the Budget & Control Board.

Assists in the development of the annual Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP), Five Year Capital Plan, and the Capital Renewal Plan.

Capital Finance Staff


Charlie FitzSimons
Director of Capital Finance



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