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Strategic Planning

Focus Carolina
Focus Carolina is a comprehensive, system-wide strategic planning initiative announced by President Harris Pastides on August 1, 2008. Focus Carolina provides the strategic direction for the University in the years ahead and keeps both academic and service units working toward the same goals. The effort involved the entire University family including hundreds of faculty, students, staff and alumni. In 2009-2010, President Pastides moved the planning process forward to the next phase, Advance Carolina.

Blueprints for Service Excellence
All Service Units prepare an annual Blueprint for Service Excellence to provide a clear outline of the priorities and goals for each area. Each unit's Blueprint includes action plans to implement key initiatives and specific measures for assessment of outcomes. The plans are linked with the University-wide Advance Carolina planning process and the annual budget planning process.

The links below are to the Executive Summaries of the Blueprints in PDF format. For a copy of the full Blueprint document, please contact the Vice President's Office for each area.


+Administration and Finance

+Board of Trustees Office and Internal Audit

+Equal Opportunity Programs

+Information Technology
(as of FY2011 University Technology Services Reports to the Provost)

+Human Resources

+Office of General Counsel

+Office of the Provost
(as of FY2012 the Office of the Provost Blueprint is located here:  http://www.sc.edu/provost/divisionstrategic.shtml)

+Office of Research

+Office of Student Affairs

+Development and Alumni Relations

+University Communications

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